Sniper Elite 3 First Ten Minutes

Today we are going to take a look at the first ten minutes of gameplay this new game, Sniper Elite 3. At the beginning,...

Transistor Review

I think what attracts me the most to this game is the "time freeze" turn-by-turn fighting style. Fighting enemies is more strategy-based; you have to...

Wolfenstein The New Order Review

What did we learn from Id Software's initial release of Wolfenstein 3d? "It's just fun to kill Nazi's" as explained in the video review...

Watch Dogs Review

Why are gamers in an uproar about the release of Watch Dogs? Watch Dogs sold 4 million copies in the first week; so why are...

Kero Blaster Review

Do you like sidescrolling 8-bit retro games? Kero Blaster reminds me of the original Duke Nukem... but with a frog... This action shooter will...

Our Favorite Detectives in Video Games

So why are we so attracted to characters like Max Payne? Yes there are a lot of cutscenes in the game but all the...

What Is A Specialist in Heroes of the Storm?

In Heroes of the Storm, the upcoming Hero Brawler from Blizzard Entertainment, there are many different characters from your favorite Blizzard games all with...

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC Gets Release Date on Xbox

We finally have our release date for the new COD Ghosts Invasion DLC map pack. The first installment of the DLC pack is called...

Watch Dogs PlayStation 3 Review

What if hackers had access to almost anything. In the world of Watch_Dogs the awesome spy gadgets are replaced by being able to hack...

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