[VIDEO] Zombie Army Trilogy In Depth Look!

Zombie Army Trilogy – What is Zombie Army Trilogy?

Like I said being able to kill hundreds of Nazi is simply priceless and being able to snipe Zombie Hitler is the mother of all Zombie kills in my book.

Zombie Army Trilogy comes from Rebellion who brought you Sniper Elite and the first two Nazi Zombie Army and Nazi Zombie Army 2 which was only released on through Steam. If you have not played those two games, not to worry, because Zombie Army Trilogy is the first two campaigns remastered and updated with extras and the all new third campaign. New weapons, Maps, and characters to just name a few of the things Rebellion has done to change it up. One thing you can expect from Rebellion is this game is going to be graphic and b****y as hell so if you have a weak stomach you might just want to take a pass at this one.

Here is the best part Zombie Army has released and not just for PC. This time around it’s on the and One as well. Sorry no or 360 at this time.

Are you on board with taking out Nazi Zombies?

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