Honest Video Game Titles – Part 2

No. 5: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Game Footage:

Honest Video Game Title:

“Army Guys 3000: Fun for a Minute”

Remember back in the day? When the marketing team of a major toy company wanted something to seem futuristic, they would just put a 3000 after it? That fits perfectly here and is as gimmicky as this game is.

I understand the need to freshen up a franchise but when you put together a campaign mode and 90% of the fun stuff is quick-time events, you didn’t work very hard on it at all. It’s a shame, major actors were involved in making this game and the storyline is also mediocre. It’s a loss on both fronts, Sargent!

As for the multiplayer mode, it’s not much different from the previous “Army Guy” games but this time you get some special abilities, which is fun for a minute. After you learn how to use them, kill about a dozen campers and learn the patterns that the same unskilled players take every spawn, it becomes tedious.

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