Honest Video Game Titles – Part 1

No. 2:

Game Footage:

Honest Video Game Title:

“Immortal Magic Fighting”

Maybe a long title but lets break it down. This game has been mistitled from it’s first iteration. There are no mortals (meaning subject to death.) in . Even the humanesque characters can respawn for the next battle; so, which one is the mortal? If you just spilled your guts all over my screen but are still available for me to play again, you didn’t die.

And the ‘K’ word. Combat is usually reserved for fighting among armed forces and is not the correct term when referring to one-on-one battles. One could argue that it is a whole different word because it starts with a ‘K’ but, shut your facehole. I digress. Magic Fighting is a more accurate way to describe the game and anyone who has never heard of it will know exactly what it is about.

The runner up title for this game is ‘Don’t ask me how I did that!’ Most characters have their own combo moves, but sometimes, in the heat of the fight, while learning a new character, you get so amped and perform a combo move by accident. This has happened to everyone, at least once in the history of Mortal Kombat, leaving the player to utter the words, “Don’t ask me how I did that; I have no idea!”

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