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mk8dlc 8 is about to receive some major updates. They released the first downloadable content pack in November, which allowed players to play as Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and Link. Tracks included Hyrule Castle from the Legend of Zelda series, Mute City from the F-Zero franchisethe Excitebike Arena from Excitebike, and many more. This was the first time in Mario Kart history that characters from games outside of the Mario Bros. franchise were incorporated into the game.

announced that they would offer a second pack as well, which was going to become available in May. However, recently moved the release date to April 23rd instead. The track pack will feature Villager and Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series. Dry Bowser will also become a playable character.

An update, which will also be released on April 23rd, will add more amiibo costumes for the players to unlock. The update will also add a 200cc class for the first time in Mario Kart history.


num2 upcoming games

Nintendo also released more information about some of the software they are releasing this year. Coming soonest is Splatoon, which will be released on May 29th alongside companion amiibos. Fall releases include Yoshi’s Woolly World (unspecified date), Fatal Frame (unspecified date), the new Animal Crossing (unspecified date) and Mario Maker (September). Yoshi’s Woolly World will have specialty amiibos that are more like plushies. The Fire Emblem release will not be available in North America until 2016.

Companion amiibos from Yoshi’s Woolly World.
num3 smashbros

If you’ve been waiting for Mewtwo to get added to the Super Smash Bros. roster, you won’t have to wait much longer. Mewtwo will be added as a free downloadable character on April 15th for anybody that has registered both a Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo copy of the game. If you haven’t registered a game for both the handheld and at-home console, don’t worry. You will be able to purchase Mewtwo on April 28th for $3.99. Nintendo also announced that Lucas from Mother 3 will be playable sometime in June.

If Mewtwo or Lucas doesn’t impress you, Nintendo also announced that it will release a microsite for fans to vote on the next Smash character to join the roster. After the site is created, the deadline for submissions will be October 13th.

More Smash amiibos will also be available in May, July, and September.


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